Our Challenge

  1. Recycling is good corporate citizenship.
  2. Implementing effective environmental practices, such as recycling, can have economic rewards, and customers notice. Workplace recycling also helps communities meet recycling goals.
  3. Recyclables are the raw materials for new products. Recovered paper supplies more than 37 percent of the raw material used to make new paper products, like cereal boxes, tissue, and more printing and writing papers.
  4. Every ton of paper recycled saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Currently more paper is recovered for recycling than put in land fills.
  5. Of all discarded products in an average office, about 62 percent is recyclable paper, 9 percent is corrugated packaging, and 29 percent are other materials.
  6. A typical business generates about 1.7 pounds of material per employee per day, much of it recyclable, high- grade paper.
  7. One ton of recycled waste paper saves 17 trees.

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